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Orc and Human Forces Collide in a New Fantasy-Strategy Game
That Includes Today's Most Popular Game Elements Plus
A Two-Player Option Via Modem or Network

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- At COMDEX, Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of award-winning titles such as "The Lost Vikings," "Blackthorne" and "The Death and Return of Superman," announced the availability of "Warcraft: Orcs and Humans."

"Warcraft" is a real-time strategic contest in which Orcs and Humans battle for survival and domination. Using an ingenious arsenal of weaponry and powerful magic, players control the fate of either the Orc or the Human civilization as the two forces face off in a quest for supremacy. To maximize the medieval battle experience, "Warcraft" includes three-dimensional cut scenes, detailed character graphics, extensive voice-over narration, sound effects in both the native Human and Orc languages and a rich soundtrack of classical war music.

"Warcraft" is available immediately under the Blizzard label in DOS CD-ROM and floppy formats at most computer retail stores and mass merchants nationwide for approximately $45. Customers can also order "Warcraft" through Blizzard directly at 800-953-SNOW.

Says Allen Adham, president and founder of Blizzard Entertainment, "With `Warcraft,' we have successfully created an innovative game that contains the right mix of today's most popular game elements, such as real-time combat, resource management, exploration of new terrain and the evolution of technologies, in the industry's most popular genre -- fantasy.

"One of the most important features that we included is the two-player option. For any avid gamer, the ability to raid an opponent's unexpecting village in real-time is an incredible feeling of power -- just knowing that at the same moment you are victorious, the player on the other end is admitting defeat. It really adds to the game's intensity."

Product Overview

"Warcraft" engages one or two players in a strategic contest of medieval economic and tactical warfare. Players must build strongholds, manage their civilization's economy and natural resources, construct war machines and then locate and annihilate the enemy.

When players enter the world of "Warcraft," they can lead either the evil Orcs or the noble Humans in the game's battle for supremacy. If users choose to play the game from the Orcs' perspective, they lead the Orc forces as Rotwort, the most ferocious member of Blackhand's dark legion. Or, if players opt to lead the humans, they serve as Galadin, an aspiring lieutenant in King Llane's Human armies.

"Warcraft" allows players to approach the game as either a continuous story line or separate free-form scenarios. In the integrated story line, players must be victorious in 12 consecutive scenarios to win the game. Each scenario challenges players to successfully complete a different task before they can advance to the next scenario. In free-form game play, players can choose from one of 20 individual scenarios. Players must complete only one scenario before they can then select another task of their choice.

Key features in this program include:

  • Option to play as either the noble Humans or the evil Orcs;
  • One- or two-player game play. The two-player option is supported through modem or network;
  • Ability to command medieval creatures including ogres, demons, shamans, archers and spearmen;
  • Two separate story lines with 24 integrated scenarios;
  • Option to select from 20 free-form scenarios providing players with nearly unlimited game play;
  • Three-dimensional cut scenes and detailed character graphics; and
  • Rich soundtrack of classical war music.

Pricing Availability and System Requirements

"Warcraft" is available immediately in DOS CD-ROM and floppy formats at most computer retail stores and mass merchants nationwide for approximately $45. Customers can also order "Warcraft" through Blizzard directly at 800-953-SNOW.

"Warcraft" requires a 386 DX/20 IBM-compatible machine or better; 4MB of RAM; a VGA/MCGA monitor; and a mouse. The program supports all major sound cards.

Blizzard Entertainment is a premiere publisher of next-generation entertainment software. The company has developed more than 30 titles for computer and cartridge entertainment systems. In February 1994, Blizzard became an independent division of Davidson & Associates Inc. (Nasdaq: DAVD), a leading publisher of multimedia educational and entertainment software.

-0- 11/15/94

/CONTACT: Susan Wooley, ext. 245, or Linda Duttenhaver, ext. 230, of Blizzard Entertainment, 310-793-0600/


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